Environmental management has to be incorporated in business processes

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We believe that environmental management has to be fully incorporated in our business processes. Environmental issues are everyone's responsibility at Nokia and an integral part of managing our business because they are related to all we do. Our environmental work is based on global policies and standards.

The Nokia-wide Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the ISO 14001 standard covers our production sites and large offices. All Nokia production sites are included in the company wide ISO 14001 single certificate. The first manufacturing sites have completed the certification end of 2000. Certification is an ongoing process, with all new production sites being covered by the certificate. The EMS in our large offices and R&D sites is verified internally. We also require a certified EMS of our contract manufacturers and EMS is one of our supplier requirements.

Our Environmental Management System consists of:

  • identification of environmental aspects, and evaluation of their significance

  • objectives and programs for achieving environmental targets

  • compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements

  • audits, management reviews, and continuous improvement

  • operational management (data and processes) for energy and water consumption, waste, etc.

The goal of the Nokia Environmental Management System is to improve our environmental performance, focusing on:

  • energy consumption

  • water consumption

  • air emissions

  • waste management

  • packaging