Apps for you and your planet

Apps & services

Mobile apps and services are truly powerful tools. They can educate, entertain, inform and inspire. And in doing so, they can help millions of people and thousands of organisations change things for the better – for individuals, communities and the planet we share.

From raising awareness about environmental issues to helping reduce your carbon footprint, our green-themed apps and services offer an engaging and informative way to help protect the planet. You don’t have to be a dedicated eco-warrior to enjoy them… just someone who wants to do their bit.

HERE Drive, HERE Maps, HERE Transit

Nokia's suite of location applications help people optimize their travel, thereby reducing emissions. HERE Transport makes using public transportation easier, offering public transportation route planning in hundreds of cities around the world. HERE Maps and HERE Drive help people in cars plot the most optimal route to their destination, making it possible to cut down on travel time and carbon emissions.

Climate Mission 3D

Games are by far the most downloaded applications. They're a powerful tool for drawing attention to an important topic like sustainability. Indirectly, in the course of play, they can both raise awareness and teach new skills that gamers can use in their daily lives.

In Climate Mission 3D, your goal is to reduce the overall temperature of our planet, degree by degree. How? By playing three different games – trees, ants and ice - each containing 20 levels, all in stunning 3D. While you’re at it, you can take part in donation campaigns where you can vote for sustainability projects (campaigns are run at certain time periods and require an Internet connection).
Embark on your Climate Mission with your Nokia Lumia here. For Symbian devices the game is available in the Nokia Store.

Apps for learning, livelihoods and health

Nokia offers mobile services and tools to suit all sorts of people, organisations and projects – whatever their requirements. From inspiring school kids with interactive learning, to helping prevent the spread of disease with Nokia apps and services, the possibilities are endless.

Change is in your hands

While some of our services are ready-packaged specific applications, others are open-source software that can be further developed to solve a number of different problems.

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