Materials with eco innovations


During the last few years, we’ve been active in introducing new, more sustainable materials into our devices, like bio-plastics, bio paints, recycled metals and recycled plastics.

We launched our first device to use bio-plastic in its cover, the Nokia 3110 Evolve, already in 2007, and we have continued introducing new materials in our devices since. Through extensive research and development, testing and concepting, we ensure that all our devices – regardless of the materials used – meet the same standards and have the highest quality, reliability and longevity. This ensures the maximum lifetime for every Nokia device and reduces waste. 100% of the materials in Nokia devices can be used again and again to make new products or generate energy. So, when a Nokia is recycled, nothing is wasted.

Ingredients of a Nokia phone

Every Nokia product comes with an eco profile, which tells you about its materials, energy efficiency, packaging, environmental impact and recycling. The images below give you an idea what materials go into a typical handset.



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