Give your old phone a new life

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100% of the materials in your phone can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy. But, according to our latest study, only 9% of people recycle their old phones even though they’d be far better off recycled.

What’s that all about? Hanging on to your dear old handset? You’re not alone. Research shows about 44% of unused mobile devices are sitting around in the bottom of drawers.

Take our three steps to recycling and see how easy it is to give your old phone a new life.

3 simple steps to recycle your old phone

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Get over your phone

Backup your memories

Find your nearest recycling point

Get over your phone

Check first that a friend or family member doesn’t want your old handset.
If they don’t, it’s time to say goodbye.

Backup your memories

Backing up your Nokia is easy. You can store all the stuff on your handset to your computer with following software: Nokia Suite, Nokia Link, Zune, Windows Phone app or SkyDrive.
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Find your nearest recycling point

Okay, so you’ve backed up your old handset, you’ve removed the SIM and you’ve gathered any unwanted chargers, accessories or batteries to recycle – now it’s time to find your nearest Nokia Care or a national recycling center where you can take the equipment for recycling.

Want to know more? Check out the Nokia Phone Recycler

The Nokia Phone Recycler is a game where you must recycle a mobile phone by dragging the components into the right bins. You’ll be recycling savvy in no time! Download to your Lumia now – it’s free!

Mobile Phone Recycling Explained

We’ve set recycling points mainly in the Nokia Care centers around the world to drop off your old Nokia equipment and give it a new life. If there is no recycling point near you, you can also drop your phone off at any electronics recycling point organized by your local authority.

Nokia works with carefully selected companies who reclaim materials from the phones and accessories we pass on to them. These companies are assessed on a regular basis to make sure anything handed to them is recycled responsibly.

We've been running take-back campaigns since the late 1990s and we regularly work with environmental organizations or non-governmental organizations such as WWF to increase consumer awareness in different markets around the world. We also work with others in our industry to improve recycling standards.

Nokia supports the concept of individual producer responsibility. In order for us to carry out our own responsibilities we need others in the value chain, like consumers and retailers, to commit to bring back old mobile phones and accessories for responsible recycling.

Read more about Nokia’s takeback and recycling: Nokia People & Planet Report 2012