Graduates & Students

Opportunities for graduates and students with Microsoft as we write the next chapter in mobile history…

We want you to go as far as you can. We want you to take our organization into the future. So whether you join as an intern or a graduate, everything you do will be focused on achieving that goal.

Microsoft is excited to deliver one remarkable family of devices & services. That means – now it is your opportunity to work with the best talent from around the globe, explore the possibilities of a rapidly changing mobile industry and build a career you’ll be greatly proud of. We can make it happen through the amazing vision of connected people like you.  That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for individuals with big ideas and wide imagination who can help to transform the industry and take it in the new era we are ushering in.

Grab your opportunity to constantly push boundaries to change people’s lives. Help create an exciting new chapter together - one team celebrating everyone’s unique strengths.


With us you will:

  • Create products that make the lives of billions of people better in fundamental ways
  • Redefine the boundaries of mobility by being part of stimulating projects
  • Work with highly respected industry professionals from around the world and learn from their experience
  • Apply your expertise and fresh ideas to the broader context of the business and see them manifest
  • Challenge yourself in the fast-paced industry while continuously developing your skillset
  • Have great fun while on your journey

Graduates - choose a life less ordinary

Do you have creative and innovative ideas? Want to research how mobile phones can transform people’s lives? Or maybe you’re just someone who wants to help shape a new era in the mobile industry in ways no one else can – and therefore make everyday life that bit more fun and inspiring?

Global Graduate development program is a one year journey which combines hands- on business experience, with continuous local training, business mentoring and coaching. From day one you will be contributing to the overall business strategy and getting exposure to the thought leaders and innovators.

In return, we will prepare you for the future opportunities to progress within the business and drive your own career, acquiring new skills and expertise along the way.

Students – launch your career

Kick off your global connections. Join us in short-term internship/trainee positions and become part of our family. Work on challenging and meaningful projects every day. Connect with interns around the world, crowd source ideas and share experiences with the thought leaders. We can also offer placements around your busy school schedule and packed personal calendar so you can gain practical experience during your academic studies or thesis work. Joins us to shape a new era in mobile history while you launch a career.

Do you have what it takes?

We hire students with technical degrees (Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PHD) in disciplines such as engineering, computer science and cloud computing. We also look for students with degrees (Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PHD) in non-technical areas such as management, finance, market research, human resources, and communications, to name a few.

Most of all we look for people with the right attitude: innovative, team-oriented individuals who are passionate about our shared mission to significantly enhance the way people live, work and play. We are looking for someone with the drive, enthusiasm and wide open world of imagination to make this possible.

Come and see us when we visit you

We travel to colleges and, universities, as well as to professional conferences and career fairs across the globe. Check our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find out when we’re visiting a place near you.

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