Get closer than you ever thought possible


Picture this: you’re out with your friends. You’ve brought your camera along to capture all the fun. Suddenly, something happens that you know would just make the perfect memory of your time together. You start fumbling with your camera. Pick up. Turn on. Focus. Zoom in. Frame. Snap. Too late.

In the time it took you to get your snap, the moment has passed. A photo that would have made a wonderful memento of your time together has now left you looking at something else entirely. And no matter how many times you try to recreate that perfect moment, nothing looks better on camera than real, spontaneous fun.

Never miss the moment again

What if you could capture as much as possible of your surroundings in really sharp detail? You would only have to point and shoot, and leave the picture zooming and tuning for later?

Now it is. With the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, you can get snap-happy in the moment and worry about the type of image you want to frame out of the moment later. The secret? The Nokia Pro Camera mode, which makes full use of the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel camera sensor.

High resolution of this kind means that at the push of the shutter button, the camera takes in so much information that you can think about how to zoom your photo after you’ve actually taken it.

The technology that makes this possible is called oversampling, which packs seven pixels worth of information into one. The result is a high-resolution photo so detailed that you can zoom really far into it and create new sharp and clear images out of the details.

Stories within a story

The creative implications of such an innovation are actually quite staggering. Imagine taking a picture of a festival crowd audience when the lead singer of the headlining band struts out on stage, or football fans in full regalia, at the moment the home team scores a goal.

Now imagine being able to zoom into the individual faces of the crowd in that glorious moment and reframing them as new images. Potentially, one snap could turn into hundreds of individual stories of passion and unbridled joy.

The ability to get this close and create these moments would usually require some serious kit and some photo editing software. Being able to pull this power out of your pocket is nothing short of revolutionary.