Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 are the no-compromise smartphones for business.

Business-worthy design.

Nokia Lumia combines elegant design with robust materials to make a sleek and powerful range of business smartphones. Great signal quality, built-in Microsoft Office and leading accessories make Nokia Lumia the best choice for business smartphone.


Real Microsoft Office and Outlook on your Nokia Lumia.

Built-in Microsoft Office and Outlook means you can open, edit and save documents in Word, Powerpoint, Excel and OneNote without losing original formatting. Sync documents and tasks via SharePoint, Office365 and SkyDrive.


Business class navigation.

With HERE apps you can navigate new places with confidence. Whether you’re walking, driving or on public transport, HERE provides the most seamless guidance from one stage of your journey to the next.


Security that’s fit for business.

Windows Phone 8 security includes secure boot ensuring the phone only runs with authentic software and encryption that protects all your data on the phone and in transit. Password lock protects against unauthorized access and can also be set remotely by your company with device management solutions available from leading vendors.


Safe browsing, safe apps.

Browsing the web and using apps is safe with Nokia Lumia. The IE 10 browser and all apps run in their own isolated chambers. This reduces the risk of unwanted interaction with other apps or features. Nokia Lumia only allows certified apps to be installed and that means powerful protection against malware.


Great accessories for hassle-free business.

Working on the move is easier with great accessories. Charge your Nokia Lumia wirelessly while on a video call at the office, take calls without having to take out your phone with great Bluetooth headsets or charge up on the open road with the Wireless Charging Car Holder.