Nokia Suite – Connect your phone and computer

  • Use Nokia Suite to get the most out of your phone and computer. Move photos, videos, music, and more between the phone and the computer, and get the latest phone software. Download apps, music, or free street maps, and back up important content.
  • Nokia Suite is meant for the latest non-Lumia phones, such as the Asha family.
  • The latest version of Nokia Suite supports Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.
  • With the latest version of Nokia Suite, you can copy your contacts, calendar, and photos from a Nokia phone to the Microsoft SkyDrive service. After copying your content there, you can easily get content to your Nokia Lumia phone using the same Microsoft account.
  • With the latest version of Nokia Suite, you can get important software stability updates and performance improvements.
  • To get help and find answers to your questions about Nokia Suite and your connected phone, open Nokia Suite and in the Help menu, click Nokia Suite help. Or, go to the Support view of Nokia Suite and click to open the Help and guides section.
  • Do you have a Nokia Lumia phone? Windows computer users can sync music, videos, and pictures, and get the latest phone updates with the Zune PC app or the Windows Phone app, depending on your phone model. If you're using an Apple Mac, download Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac from the Mac App Store.


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Nokia Series 40: Update your phone software with Nokia Suite