Create to Inspire Fellowship program

Nokia believes it is essential to enroll and inspire people to make sustainable choices in all spheres of their lives. Our planet’s future depends on how we consume both today and tomorrow. We believe that we need to augment development of a new social context that can encourage people to discuss, define and practice sustainable living.
The ‘Create to Inspire’ Fellowship is Nokia’s initiative to enroll and engage today’s youth on sustainable consumption. The program provides youth with a platform to use creative arts to build innovative environmental campaigns that can initiate exciting conversations amongst masses and lead to creation of a sustainable context. This fellowship is an out of the box challenge for youngsters to create campaigns based on the judicious consumption and management of water, energy, transport and e-waste.
Under the fellowship, young people in the age group of 18 to 25 years are selected and mentored by renowned artists from various creative fields. These fellows develop performances, campaigns and social action projects that can initiate fun and exciting conversations on sustainable consumption amongst masses. Through music, dance, theatre, drama, film, photography, art & handicraft, design and technology the fellows create a new social context in the city which encourages people to green their behaviour.