Working with other organisations

With our global reach and mobile technology expertise, Microsoft Mobile can clearly have a huge positive impact on a range of environmental and social issues. But we can’t do it alone.

By working together with other organisations, we can make an even greater difference in the on-going struggle to achieve a more sustainable, socially responsible world.In India, we have joined hands with many non-governmental organisations, industrial bodies, corporations, not-for-profit organisations, regulatory bodies and educational institutions to create a shared vision and action plan. Our partners work in varied fields e.g. wildlife conservation, education, empowerment, environment and social justice. Together, with their expertise, and our will, we have created programs geared towards creating a better future. Our goal has always been to craft agents of change, from different parts of society, who live, provoke and inspire sustainable lifestyles, and with our partners, we’ve been able to do just that.

Our partners include World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)- India, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)- India, Humana People to People (HPPI)- India, Television for the Environment (TVE)- India, Pearson Foundation, EZ Vidya, Toxics Link, Chintan, I-dream, Centre for Environment Education (CEE), ArtsForward Ideas & Events Pvt Ltd, TERI Business Council for Sustainable Development (TERI BCSD), Digital Energy Solutions Consortium (DESC), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Indian Cellular Organisation (ICA).

Together we’re stronger
By working together with other organisations, we can make an even greater difference in the ongoing struggle to achieve a more sustainable and socially responsible world. In India, we have joined hands with a large number of organisations to create a shared vision on sustainable lifestyles. Our partners work in varied fields from wildlife conservation to education to areas like environment and social justice. Together with their expertise and our will, we have created programs geared towards creating a better future.
Our partners in this endeavor are:

WWF India
Our work with WWF strives to strengthen our environmental performance, support their work and develop mutually beneficial actvities which promote sustainable development. As an organisation, we wish to increase environmental awareness and encourage people to make sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

We have partnered with Chintan to create a sustainable model which leverages the reach and the collection strength of the formalised informal sector, known as Kabadiwalas in India, and the recycling technology of an authorised recycler. A large majority of the E-waste in India finds its way to the informal sector. This partnership with Chintan brought about a link between the informal and formal sector, establishing a positive relationship for both parties, bringing informally collected E-waste to formal recycling channels. The program aims to significantly increase the collection of mobile phones and accessories from house holds, retail and repair shops.

GIZ India
We have partnered with GIZ, to address the issue of sustainable consumption. The consumption of goods and services has been growing rapidly with the rise in household incomes and population growth. The unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to a sustainable future. To address this issue we are collaborating with GIZ in Ahmedabad and Kolkata to engage, enroll, and inspire people to make sustainable choices in all spheres of their lives. To take this vision forward we are rolling out ‘Create to Inspire Fellowship’, ‘School Environment Education Program’ and ‘Engagement with Informal Sector for collection of e-waste’.

Humana People to People India (HPPI), is a not for profit organisation currently partnered to help us reach out to small mobile phone retail and repair shops in order to collect e-waste for the purpose of responsible recycling. The vision of the program is to establish a network of active traders who would walk the extra mile to raise awareness and initiate actions amongst their fellow traders and customers on responsible recycling.

Toxics link
Children are the future change makers who have the ability to influence their family behaviour. To reach out and engage with them on environmental solutions, we partnered with Toxics Link. This partnership has allowed for the expression of our School Environment Engagement program to over 3000 schools with an aim to raise awareness on sustainable consumption and E-waste recycling. The main objective of the program is to interact with children, inspiring them to lead sustainable lifestyles and engaging them to do so via creative media.

TVE India
Microsoft Mobile began working with the Television Trust for the Environment (TVE) to help in the execution of the “Films for Change” program across India. The purpose of our association with TVE was to raise awareness on various global and local environmental issues, making films to appeal to the masses, especially the youth. The program provides a highly charged and positive atmosphere to spark discussions amongst the local youth in a fun and inspiring manner, which in turn creates lasting memories, and lengthy discussions at the coffee table.

Pearson Foundation and EZ Vidya
In our efforts to promote education across the country, we have partnered with the Pearson Foundation and EZ Vidya to implement the Bridge IT program in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The program uses Nokia Education Delivery (NED) tool along with various educational content and teaching methodologies developed by the Pearson Foundation in order to improve both teaching practices as well as the classroom learning experience in schools.

Other partners

We have also joined hands with various regional organisations such as i-Dream in Delhi, which specialises in Environmental education and training as well as providing eco-friendly solutions. Our work has also led us to partner with ArtsForward Ideas and Events Pvt Ltd which is an ideation and strategy company working in the sphere of the creative arts in Kolkata for our Create to Inspire Fellowship Program.

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