Disaster response

Be prepared

At Nokia we’re increasingly focused on disaster preparedness as well as disaster response and rehabilitation. Mobile technology can greatly improve the ability of organisations and the public to react quickly and effectively – both to the threat and to the consequences of a disaster.

Mobile-based tools and applications such as Nokia Data Gathering are already helping researchers out in the field determine where the next epidemic may strike. And innovations such as our mobile donation application help ensure that charities and other organisations have the funds they need, when they need them.

Where possible, we also try to prevent critical situations arising.

Be practical

When disaster does strike we work together with our non-profit partners around the world to determine the most appropriate response. From drought to tsunami, we evaluate every crisis situation individually and our response depends on the severity of the situation, our presence and our ability to make a meaningful contribution. Naturally, this often involves financial or in-kind support.

Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, for example, we not only matched the initial Nokia employee donations to American Red Cross, but our personnel also provided technical support to the mobile Red Cross unit. As the relief efforts progressed, we used our expertise in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to help health workers monitor drinking water in more than 35,000 households. This enabled them to treat the water when necessary, reducing the risk of outbreaks of cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Other recent donations by Nokia have included:

  • Food crisis in the Horn of Africa: Nokia made donations to UNICEF Somalia and Kenya Red Cross Society to support their relief efforts in offering immediate help.

  • Japan earthquake and tsunami: Nokia responded with a significant monetary donation, as well as matching Nokia employees’ individual contributions donated within a given time period.

  • Pakistan floods: In addition to supporting the disaster relief efforts with a cash donation, Nokia is keen to play a part in early recovery, reconstruction, and livelihood re-creation in the affected areas.

  • Qinghai earthquake: Nokia donated funds were directed to immediate relief and rescue efforts focusing on medical support, basic shelter and devices.

  • Uganda mudslide: Nokia's donation to Ugandan Red Cross was used to provide relief kits containing basic supplies such as tarpaulin, mosquito net, blanket, cooking pot, cups, plates and soap.