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Nokia Lumia 820
Nokia Lumia 820 4.3 5 32 32
An awsome smartphone I was into Nokia for a long time, even when the world is running behind android I never quit Nokia and this phone is a unique model with really great features that can be had in this price range. Windows platform is awsome, hardware and facilities by Nokia is too good.. A must buy! 19 June, 2013
Review from Naseer Mohammed - Hyderabad I have been using this phone since a week. I own a Nokia 820 Cyan. It is a good high end windows phone with extraordinary display with bright colors and front facing camera along with sensor. It has got numerous features but few features its lacks like windows folder option to browse files on phone and on SD card, Radio FM. Apart from that i didnt find any other thing, but i'm satisfied with this phone, as it doesn't lag and frequently keeps me updated with latest updates on my daily routines, social networking sites etc. The photos taken through camera are of good quality and as expected from such a beautiful phone. You can go blindly to this phone. I found on 3G and while heaving gaming , battery drains quickly, Windows should release an update to fulfill the notified backdrops. At end, I can say it stands me out from crowd of Plastic phones such as samsung and over ratted iPhones. 10 July, 2013
This is a fantastic device. I will recommend this device because it as lot of features, when compairing with the price. It is greatly designed. but, only problem is the battery. Overall it is awesome. Go for it. 13 July, 2013
Great look, Screen is attractive, Best windows touch, I have been using this phone for sometime now. I Loved the phone as i am a nokia fan coz of the quality they offer in there high end phones. Well, this being a Windows 8 phone has a different experience all together. The touch is amazing, found it a lil better over the Iphone & the responsiveness is again great. As MS has been into making of OS for many years now, so they know how to gel is with a smart phone. A few points which hinder (Not a major issue) are, if the storage was lifted to 16GB, ppi's (217) should have been more, & at a price like this & a Gorilla Glass had to be a must, which Nokia didn't. Camera is amazing but the zoom is not too much n it gets a lil hazy at the top. All in All I rate 4/5 on this phone, forget the hindrances & this is the best Windows 8 Phone after Lumia 920. 17 July, 2013
Great product from Nokia Great product from Nokia. It has all the latest features for this generation mobiles It has excellent display Great gaming performance Camera is good enough little disappointing with battery backup and front facing camera but not bad Finally love this phone Nokia Lumia 820. 25 June, 2013
must have an awesome phone .,must have for every smart phoner , it would be better if battery life wud have been a little bit more 30 June, 2013
very good phone indeed very good feature phone but battery back is not up to mark. 23 June, 2013
Awsome Phone!! It's nice phone with good configuration and all other aspects. But only the drawbacks that i feel battery backup and Poor quality of front camera. some times 1650mAh battery is not enough for this model and 0.3 MP front camera also. while using video call via WiFi phone gets heated. this is the only main drawbacks which i found on this mobile. Nevertheless this is a good phone and very user friendly. comparing all other features this drawbacks we can compromise . better buy a battery bank so you can solve the battery backup problem. 17 December, 2013
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