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Nokia Lumia 920
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it is a Great CAMERA PHONE- that is all more often than not we are clicking pictures in poor light- if not against a light source itself....those mobile photo moments are so brief that Composing a shot is a luxury hardly realized. the Lumia 920 takes over as an intelligent tool, with a phenomenal startup time to a dedicated camera button and really impressive low noise great depth photos....but then after you have the photos you will feel the lacking....non Nokia ofcourse but Windows Phone 8 lacks Sense more than features. Its difficult to learn and lacks things as basic as a decent functioning Facebook app(as of June'13 you cannot send ur lovely pictures in a FB chat from 920) If in case you know how to shoot videos- You cannot appreciate a device as sleek and compact as 920 for the videography prowess it accommodates. We shoot videos mostly with great ambient Noise and we shake the phone a lot obviously while shooting - the videos out of 920 are recorded in Mono sound with a very intelligent selection of ambient noise detail(not noise) and the subject's sound so it is hard to believe in todays era the kind of videos that come out of this device. also all that hype about Optical image stablization is NOT HYPE AFTERALL, it does work, you must try to take a video while walking and you will feel the motion but not to an extent to disturb the subject/event in focus. Cinemagraph Smartshoot Blink SophieCam Camera360 the list goes on theres no dirth of apps which capitalise on the camera's tremendous capabilities. Nokia Music and the 1 year free subscription- well you have to be a music lover and use it to believe it. it is very very useful and provides such a huge library of songs right in your hands. songs are of low bitrate but still you dont feel that the quality is low. the low bitrate helps to download songs on the move even on a 2G connection so very practical very useful. You can copy songs out of the device. Phone may heat up but not very hot. Internet sharing/tethering is phenomenal even with multiple devices connected and even on a 2G network in a moving vehicle. Usability of the Phone: well wierd If you do a lot of things on the move YOU NEED ANDROID- Period. Skydrive is great but thats for the places with Good 4G INDIA doesnt have good 2G or 3G. The pretence of 90% of features is accessing from skydrive uploading to skydrive, and using other wonderful cloud features is a bit arrogant for the users in countries without 4G. Also on a 2Mbps wifi connection 920 does manage to frustrate because well may be its the windows phone 8 or the God Knows what but IT IS SLOW. Windows phone does not have any lag. Mainly because theres hardly anything running in the background. Messaging app does bring together facebook chats but doesnt function on the go. Whatsapp messages appear when you find time to open whatsapp because whatsapp is non functional in the background. The PriceTag pinches you everyday and its not unfair to compare to other popular flagship phones!!!. The touch is phenomenal AS OF TODAY !!! The PDF reader is BAD. The Adobe reader is equally slow but it does sharpen the text so reduces the suffering. You CANNOT FIND A CHM reader. You can do what the company tells and there a lot of features OUT OF THE BOX - but hold on.....the features are only as much as they were out of the box. No Zip manager no RAR manager. No File manager.....bless our poor souls who migrated from other platforms. No Airdroid like feature. A terrible experience if you connect it to MAC OSX and wish to retrieve anything from the phone. You have a 32 GB phone with 29.2 GB available out of the box, but soon you realize some 4 -6 GB will be lost as Other or temporary, even after the most recent updates and STORAGE CHECK Display is Good but no match to Super Amoled. This is funny- You cannot Block some annoying person from calling you. Yes theres no call blocking or auto reject. The video player is 3 years back in time as the functionality made available. also theres no proper 3rd party video player like MX or VLC or the likes. The apps which have the privilege to download content can keep content within it ONLY. so videos downloaded from/inside most apps stay there. It means you CANNOT COPY THEM TO PC/Mac Contacts- only through internet. there's no way to put contacts via CSV or other such manner. so if you dont have internet or you dont have your contacts in either of your accounts well then Nokia/Microsoft will have to answer to your obvious frustration. Browser: well there's a nice Internet Explorer. I dislike internet explorer as you can say a whim that it is slow. but lo and behold- NO Firefox No chrome No dolphin No OPERA (imagine) or any of the famous dependable browsers available. the which are present other than IE are well Weak!!! Guess what if you out anything to download and then leave the app to reply to a text or anything that download freezes/stops sometimes it may resume when you go back but the lack of background tasks and true multi tasking is a deal breaker for moderate/heavy users. The build quality is Premium. Looks are killing.....A lot of heads do turn to check out the RED 920 I have dropped it thrice without cover, once really badly but managed only a meager dent on one of the corner(corners are always vulnerable) Covers are hard to find. The screen gets scratched if not easily but DOES. The glossy polycarbonate finish is very attractive; to fingerprints as well. and it gets scratched if looked closely. but on a gross look the phone stays Beautiful even after 5 months of overUse. The bundled earphones are AWESOME with superb bass response. The inbuilt speakers are loud clear no scratchy sound and after a long time(nokia6233) theres a phone you can place in the corner of the room to listen to songs(....well there is NO FM RADIO did i not mention before?) So if Phonography(Photography) is not your thing you may not like to own a Lumia 920. If it is Theres not better Phone camera (except 808 ) Nokia seems to have done a decent job on the hardware. I believe and request as a nokia customer to be granted freedom to choose OS on my 920- Jolla Symbian whatever but WP8 is sadly very very restrictive. I dont hate lumia 920 i spent a good sum on it. But i want YOU to make an informed choice. 14 June, 2013
Incredibly well built phone with a super camera at a Super Price Incredibly well built phone with a super camera at a Super Price What can i say about 920, it is an amazingly well built phone. I have it now for over a week now and given the person i am, i must say, i would have used just about every feature it has. Here is my summary about Windows Phone 8: 1)WP is fast, snappy, intuitive, and a true joy to use, iOS is close, Android is miles away 2) user interface is elegantly designed and fluid 3)apps for the platform are all stunning, on par with iOS, better some times than iOS apps and miles ahead of Android apps 4)OneNote and it's integration with my Windows Desktop is amazing 5) Free full version of Office 6)Total integration of calendar/contacts/ToDo's with Desktop 7) 7 GB free space with Sky Drive and seamles integration similar to iCloud's 5 GB storage on offer 8) No need of antivirus to eat battery and slow performance because of the way Windows Phone OS is built, doesnt allow suspicious activity 9) Kids Corner: Super cool, my 1.5 year old son cannot call anyone, only play with the talking cat, listen to some rhymes and some games, so i am sure that none of my data is at stake when i give the phone to my son 10) Wallet app inbuilt: one of the best, in built to store, credit cards, store cards like Shoppers Stop, passport, etc 11) True multitasking 12) One of the best keyboards that understands 'Hinglish" or hindi words typed with English letters Now coming to Lumia 920. My observations: 1) Incredibly well made 2) Looks super when held in hand 3) PureView camera technology-one of the best in smartphone camera 4) incredible image stabilization, low-light performance camera video and photo performance 5) PureMotion HD+ curved glass screen with 60fps decreases stress to eyes especially when reading ebooks and watching videos-very few 40k plus phones have something similar 6) Super sensitive touch allows you to touch the display with gloves-useful in cities where weather is cold or for bikers who wear gloves 7) Wireless charging built in 8) With the right tweaks you will easily get 1.5 days of battery with 3 mails configured 9) Nokia apps are out of the world, better, faster, more efficient Question is: Are you ready for something like this and more importantly it is cool being part of a change. This device at 22K is the best out there, irrespective of the cores that an android phone can offer. I am yet to experience stutter on the phone though i have loaded it with 26 GB data and numerous apps. Notable Cons: 1) Quite heavy compared to similar sized phones 2) Non expandable memory 3) Not the fastest GPU, although it still plays all games 4) Not a full hd display, but i guess for the size, i dont feel the difference 26 October, 2013
Awesome fluidity and camera Its been almost 4 months that i am using the nokia Lumia 920... It has been a great experience.. The phone is very smooth.. Most of the credit goes to WP8 for that.. The camera performed better than what i ever imagined or expected. The phone did hang once although i was able to solve it immediately. The lack of apps is not a problem as nokia exclusive apps suffice the purpose. It truly is the most innovative smartphone, and the best too... 16 June, 2013
Nokia Lumia 920. Amazing Phone. Brilliant camera Awesome phone, brilliant camera. 4 June, 2013
This phone is just beyond I like most its explorer 10, its interface, it doesn't ever crash. it helps lot in navigation. kids corner also useful. speech, City Lens, low light, regional languages, ms office, sky drive and more. unconditional likes... 5 July, 2013
Fantastic experience so far I had bought this as soon as it was launched in India. The primary reason for me to buy this handset is (a) I was tired of Android (b) My trust in Nokia (c) Great reviews of the Camera (and device overall) I would say there are three layers to this and I would point out that the middle layer is where its lacking :) Top Layer: Physical HARDWARE Middle Layer: OS and Software Inner Layer: Under the hood, behind the scenes, background apps Hardware is no doubt great. I love the beautiful design and eycatching colors. Build quality has survived many throws by my 2 year old son (on the floor, against the wall etc).Physical button placements are perfect. Great to have the instant camera button! Not so happy with the capacitive touch buttons (they are a little too sensitive). Polycarbonate is not as scratch-proof as I expected :(. Good speaker sound quality, also through Audio jack. Battery could have been better, took a few weeks to understand how to optimize the battery usage. It lasts me 15 hours with Wifi on the whole day, or 10 hours with 3G data all day. I usually keep it on 2G data in office all day- lasts me until night when I put it down for charging. OS and Software: While Nokia is racing ahead, Microsoft is going slow and steady with its updates and developments, for good reasons though (unified system etc). Users who are fully versed with other mobile OS will initially feel some essentials missing or under-developed. But after living with this os, you will realise it covers the basics and gives a few new twists to the "missing" essentials. Can only expect better things with future updates. App store however has taken a huge leap in the last 5 months and everything is available, no complaints personally. The developed apps are quite flawless: Office, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Here Maps, Nokia Music etc etc. Inner Layer: This, to me, is a blessing and a fantastic USP which other mobiles lack. What goes on under the hood is everything that make is a super fast, super smooth and tension-free experience. Fantastic pureview display engine with sunlight visibility and feather touch. Background sync of settings, apps, contacts- so theres no fear of ever losing essential data. All my photos and videos are automatically backed-up to skydrive. All my contacts are beautifully unified into a single view (from addressbook, twitter, facebook, gmail, hotmail...). The live tile updates bring content TO ME right on the home-screen- without needing to open the app. Everything just works together to give a clean, uncluttered and smooth mobile experience unlike the disjointed experience of Android. Even a low end Windows phone is as smooth and elegant as a top-end one. 23 July, 2013
awesome phone In all areas it is great. Only battery life needs to be improved little better. 18 June, 2013
enrich business features nice phone.. equip with all business feature. Nokia must improve its battery performance. 24 June, 2013
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