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Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia Lumia 925 3.9 5 55 55
beautiful phone The built is premium,camera-amazing,and windows-the most modern and a personal expression of using the world as an interface 26 August, 2013
Excellent phone. Great apps on top of the great OS Pros ==== With the removal of wireless charger plate in Nokia Lumia 925, the phone has gone slimmer. One of the key things anyone would look into. Camera - Rear camera is great. Much much better than any of the competitive Windows Phone 8 mobiles. Low light shots are better. But still not the best. Front camera is ok. Apps - Additional Nokia Apps like Nokia Smartcam, FM Radio, Data Sense, Glance are excellent. Few of the great apps on Amber Update. Another key feature is unlocking the phone. Double touch'ing the screen would unlock the phone# You need not press the unlock key on the right side of the phone any more# You can, if you want# Any smartphone when it gets launched would be priced higher# But in my opinion 925 is priced lower# Cons ==== MicroSD is missing. You have to live with default 16GB. Battery can't be removed. Flip case would be something which would be required. But not there as part of Nokia accessories. But you get some in the market like Rock. Apps killer by sliding as in other OS is missing. Turning off data connection and WiFi is missing as well. Overall, more value for money. An eye catcher for sure. 3 September, 2013
Phone is bad on battery life and heating I have been using 925 for 2 weeks now. The phone has severe issue with heating. Just 2 mins into a voice call and top left side of phone heats so much that it starts giving burning sensation on skin. This kind of heating just for a voice call use-case is unexceptable. Battery life is poor. Even after disabling all the apps and syncs, it drains out in 4-5hrs on light usage. I have been using Andriod phones in past and picked up this phone with Nokia quality trust, but i am thoroughly disappointed with such basic issues. This is not expected from a Nokia product. Phone is easy to use. Very good in looks. Features are limited, but good enough for non-application savys users. 11 November, 2013
Pathetic battery life Purchased a Nokia Lumia 925 ten days back from Amazon India....the first week, it was all fine, and then the phone started heating up, and the battery started draining too fast....I came to know after some googling that the Nokia Lumia Amber upgrade in general is causing these issues; so this is an issue with even older phones which have been upgraded to phone is always connected to the charger now, at home, in the office, and in my car....otherwise, the battery just does not last more than 3-5 hours....this is a disgrace.... 10 September, 2013
i am satisfying this product i buy Nokia lumia 925 from Chandigarh since 2 weeks ago .... i see many problems on lumia 925 ,... its hangs during blutooth ... and becomes more heat up when i use camera ,,, and when i download something ... one of the most thing when i start chating with my facebook friends .. it becomes most heat up... then i set my fone flight mode .. . i think that time the phone blasts now..... i kept it on the cement floor on flight mode ... i cant capture more than 12 photos at a time .. it becomes more heat up ..... last i am trying to show it at service centre chandigrah .. they told me .. its general problim bcoz processor is near camera .. i realise that time .. it s true ... but when i saw reviews on internet of nokia lumia 925 ... its totally wrong ... ... atlast i told u only one thing .. i believe in nokia .. becoz a standard kompany .... but lumia 925 breaks my hope .... its not a problim of 1 or 2 thousand .. its a huge amount 33 thousand .. plzzz help me ...... 2 October, 2013
Looks nice, but dissapointing. This phone has two major issues that Nokia has yet to address.... 1) This phone constantly restarts. Sometimes while in use, sometimes while dormant. Its inconvenient and not what one would expect from Nokia. 2) upon holding the phone with both hands, the antenna turns off temporarily, causing the phone to read "no service" for a few moments. These issues are not simply the result of a "lemon" I've done seven warranty exchanges and experience the same problem on each. The update a few weeks ago fixed the restart issue for a short time, but it has started back up. the camera is excellent, the phones display is amazing, the predictive text is highly accurate, the phone is durable on the outside, however I have experienced a few devices that just receive a blue screen of death after receiving no damage at all. Overall, its a nice phone, I'd love it much more if the issues were looked into. 30 September, 2013
The built is premium,camera-amazing,and windows- I use my phone for:Person&Business Yes, I recommend this product. 29 August, 2013
GENERALLY GOOD Certain basic features FOUND TO BE not included in this set, which could have been easily done... such as rejecting an unwanted mob no.. FM radio making a call, with one step (from caller list);Now we have have min 2 steps after selecting history Deleting one no. which is frequently called, from the call list. Presently one has to delete one by one OR entire call list.After selecting the called no,from the history we must be able to view the whole history of that particular no...which is not possible now Hope you will do it in the updates... 29 August, 2013
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