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Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1020 4.2 5 19 19
camera clarity beats some of the entry level dslr camera clarity beats some of the entry level dslr,,,,,really superb in night shooting 28 October, 2013
Amazing Phone The playback feature is the camera 29 October, 2013
Coming close to a DSLR It is one of the best camera software and UI i have seen,it is better than standalone DSLRS UI and software but quality of image is not as much DSLR but it is nice. It is the best camera phone and its addon camera back and its design is also good. It is little bit heavy but apps for windows 8 and the softare itself is a downner. If apps and processing power is not a problem it is worth buy, it may be a collectors item as it may be the last nokia 41Mp phone before microsoft takeover. 29 October, 2013
anish Awesome phone form microsoft..... Great leap by nokia 28 October, 2013
outstanding camera...! Awesome fone.....! 27 June, 2014
1020 is a Camera with a Phone! Hi, The above title makes a lot of difference with outstanding camera and hardware. I also look forward for Successor of Lumia 1020, these are the hardware specifications that I expect with the successor ; 1) Screen size: 5 inch 2) Thickness: 8 mm 3) Display: 1080p, Gorilla glass 4 or Sapphire glass 4) Battery capacity: 2800-3000 mAh 5) Processor: s4 plus (or) 805 processors-Quadcore 2.5-3 Ghz 6) RAM: 3 GB 7) Mass storage: 32 and 64 Gb 8) Camera:Secondary-2MP, Primary-41MP, 5x zoom 9) The heat issues should also be rectified. 6 May, 2014
Great phone with very basic mistakes Its great phone with very basic mistakes which effects everyday use. 1. You cannot search particular sms from your sms eses. I.e no search option to search the old sms by name etc. big drawback for business . 2. Loudspeaker is too quiet. Difficult to hear calls in car or in market. 3. Bluetooth disconnects itself . nokia should look into basic required features and specks and it will become unbeatable phone. 5 November, 2013
Not a phone its CamoPhone The best of lumia till jow and forever! OIS plays an important role in this mobile. Low light performance beats all professional cameras 20 November, 2013
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