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Nokia Lumia 1320
Nokia Lumia 1320 4.4 5 75 75
This product has great screen. Best affordable phablet. 13 January, 2014
A Mind Blowing Phone I brought this phone 3 days back it is an excellent I am a Nokia user since 2006. I must tell u all Lumia 1320 is an excellent phone. Healthily battery backup nice 720p 6" HD screen. The main problem is its internal storage it has 8 GB but we get only 4 GB for our use Camera is good but not best 5 MP is ok but at least Carl Zesis lens has to be put So next time please take care to put Carl Zesis Lens on every Windows Phone which have flash . Day time camera is excellent 100 out of 100 but night 45 out of 100. In spite of Camera ,NFC ,Storage it i an excellent value for money Awesome work by Microsoft NO hangs,no slow,All apps runs smoothly. 10 June, 2014
no need to waste your hard earned money on an iPhone Samsung or Sony.just go blindly for Lumia 1320 trust me. This is the phone with GPS navigation magnetometer and many other features you will eventually come to know. The battery life is amazing lasting for atleast one and half day with any amount of usage. I use it as GPS tracker for my running workouts and I keep the display open for one hour.Compare this with any other phone and you will see the difference. Regarding memory with windowsphone8.1update there is no problem with memory.I have purchased 32gb card and now can download tons of apps,games or movies. One thing which others have not mentioned in their reviews is nokia music app.Try it and then decide.U can download any music within seconds on the spot.And its free. As I said earlier there are many things that you will come to know with after using this amazing phone. 17 June, 2014
Converted me from an iPhone person to Windows Phone. Well I guess the summary says it all. I bought the phone a week back for using it with my alternate number as my primary phone is an iPhone. Since I have bought the phone my iPhone has become the secondary one. The big screen is amazing to surf the net, manage emails as well as to do some light editing of documents. The battery life is amazing and lasts me almost a day and a half with heavy internet usage. The only downside is the lack of single handed usage since there is no software optimisation which can be done to allow for using it with one hand. I haven't stated the lack of ability to store apps on the SD card since the feature is most likely to come with the WP 8.1 update. 2 March, 2014
very good design and smooth experience. Very good IPS screen and colours . im able to play all xbox hd games like halo and nova smoothly without any lags. very sensitive touch and good camera . and best battery life .... 8 March, 2014
Simply awsm Bought it , by neglecting lumia 925 but what a phone it turned out to be. Amazed seeing it's 6" inch HD screen. Flawless, Fast , Smooth,Classy.When you'll see at the camera 5MP you'll think it'snot up to the mark but don't forget it's nokia again. you can click exceptionally excellent photos from it , it does gives competition to any 8mp or 13MP camera. The sound quality is great with DOLBY digital it's mighty.The bass,treble,clarity, all is spectacular. As far as the market is concerned it's limited because it does not has any fake or foolish developers like android. Nokia gives it's apps with quality and comfort and genuine apps. Lumia is a series which is premium, and I don't want it to be like android in any ways because the class matters,premium matters and windows and Nokia work out be premium. Hats off to you windows and Nokia. 20 May, 2014
Best affordable phone This is a perfect phone. I've used Lumia 710 before, but Windows 8 is even better. I mostly use my phone for gaming & the only drawback I know is that, apps & games are stored in internal mass memory, but I hope that with Windows 8.1 update, apps & games can be stored in memory card too! 22 January, 2014
Great apps; smooth user interface; recommendable product. I bought this phone a month back, and have been using it for personal as well as professional use. I download and view PowerPoint presentations, receive and send emails, and create and edit word documents on the go. I do not have to bother about contacts, photos, calendar settings, and files as everything gets synced to my Microsoft account in a jiffy. Although, I do not receive or make a lot of phone calls, the mobile data and Wi-Fi are always switched on, and I listen to (averaged) one hour of music everyday, and still the battery lasts for about two days -- which is massive in comparison to other phones. It is true that not all apps are available for the Windows Phone ecosystem, but they are catching up fast, and currently growing with more than 200,000 apps. My take? I got all the apps that I required. In fact, the ecosystem is so transparent that I got to know if I could get all the apps I needed even before I bought the phone. Microsoft and Windows Phone ecosystem has developed manifolds since I became its first-time user in 2007. It was because of a smooth, seamless experience with my HTC P3400i that I bought another Windows Phone-based phone. I am not let down again. This software is seamlessly structured, user friendly, and more secured. And, things will get only better when the Lumia Cyan (Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1) update when it hits the Indian shores. The phone is a quality built; the interface is buttery smooth; the apps run faster than my Mom's Android (she doesn't use a lot of apps, and still the phone doesn't run as good as mine); and the boot time for the phone is faster than Android. There isn't any NFC (and the corners are rounded, which is a turn off for me), but the overall experience (for this price range) is satisfying. I think I've covered the apps, software, hardware, and my experiences... so all-in-all I recommend the product for the overall experience. 16 July, 2014
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