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Nokia Asha 305
Nokia Asha 305 2.1 5 11 11
Nice Phone But Low On Memory The Nokia Asha 305 was my second Asha device after the Nokia Asha 200. The phone comes with a 3" resistive touchscreen and dual sim and "always on GPRS". In addition to these features, the availability of the .jar versions of several smart apps and the drop-down Notification Bar gives the device a sleek interface and qualifies it as an "Entry-level Smartphone". As such the phone is free of any serious performance issues. The major problem with this device is that the phone memory decreases with each software update and gradually becomes nil. In such an event the phone flashes a warning to the user to clear the phone memory even though the phone memory has nothing but permanently non-deleteable system files. Considering the fact that Nokia has rated this phone as a best seller among all the Asha devices it has released, it is advisable that in order to maintain the same level of demand for this phone Nokia solve this internal memory problem. 26 June, 2013
ASha 305 it doent support same network sims. 26 October, 2013
this product is worst at it's range I bought this mobile on March,2013 and within 5 months it has become a worst to use mobile i have used from Nokia. It's touch screen is locked frequently and hanged very of Not recommended 24 August, 2013
Good phone, but needs to improve... I've been using Nokia Asha 305 for almost a year now. Pros - 1. Extremely easy to use. This is the very first time I'm using a "smartphone", and using it is extremely hassle-free. No complications. 2. Anyone who wants to make a transition from a "dumb"phone to a full-fledged smartphone can use this (feature) phone, due to its overall simplicity. 3. Extremely durable and strong - as compared to most other "fragile" smartphones. 4. Long battery life. 5. 2nd SIM card and memory card can be inserted WITHOUT switching off the phone. 6. Provision to download 40 games completely free of cost (which otherwise would cost a lot of money). Cons: 1. Extremely low internal memory - which keeps decreasing as you keep downloading software updates. 2. In today's increasingly competitive smartphone market, having a resistive touchscreen seems extremely outdated. 3. Slow internet browsing as compared to other smartphones. Also, NO 3G facility. 4. 2MP camera does not work well in low light. 5. Phone has a tendency to hang if multiple operations are performed simultaneously. In such a scenario, the phone has to be switched off, and turned on again. 6. Series40 OS seems too basic (Series60 or higher would've been better). The pros work extremely highly in this phone's favour. However, if this model has to survive the smartphone market for another 2-3 years, it needs to be re-released after having rectified all the weak points. And, I'm sure the consumer won't mind paying a little bit more as well for an improved version of this particular model. 18 August, 2013
Very Good Phone as an entry level smart phone I purchased this phone on end of Feb or Beg of March. So many times it fell many time I threw it bcoz of anger.. Even now it's perfect.. Initially it didnt support whatsapp. Now app is available.. And I love this mobile.. Perfect one for tough handling.. 19 September, 2013
Not Bad :| It should had a 3g support and i wont need pre installed useless apps According to features old nokia os (Nokia Series 40, 5th Edition ) is better 30 June, 2013
Not Bad Touch screen stopped working in 12 months. Sometimes hangs without any reason. 10 February, 2014
Touchsreen stopped working after 2 months I liked the phone until the touchscreen stopped working, after just 2 months. I can't even dial a number correctly as the touchscreen is not working. 25 October, 2013
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