Nokia Lumia 920 - Change the look of the Drive+ view

Are you using HERE Drive+‎ at night, when it's dark? With day and night modes, you can see the screen clearly at all times. You can also change other settings to suit your needs.

Tap HERE Drive iconHERE Drive+‎.

  1. Tap options icon > Settings.
  2. Switch Map colours to Night. To switch night mode on automatically when it's dark, tap Automatic.

Switch between 2D and 3D

  1. Tap options icon and 2D or 3D.

Show places such as petrol stations and rest areas on the map

  1. Tap options icon > Settings > Map features, and switch place categories on or off.

Switch between remaining distance, time of arrival, or remaining time view

  1. In the navigation view, tap the remaining distance and an option.

Hide prominent buildings and attractions

  1. Tap options icon > Settings, and switch Landmarks to toggle off icon.