The world’s best business smartphones

Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 are the no-compromise smartphones for business.

Nokia Lumia for Business

Business worthy design and leading innovation

Nokia Lumia combines robust materials with elegant and modern design to make a sleek and powerful range of business smartphones.

Sleek unibody design, durable polycarbonate materials for great signal quality, built-in noise cancellation for clear voice calls and innovative technologies like wireless charging and Nokia PureView camera are just some of the innovations that make Nokia Lumia 920 the world's most innovative smartphone.

All the key business features and capabilities can be found in all Nokia Lumia smartphones on Windows Phone 8, across the range.

Real Office and Outlook on your Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia smartphones come with real Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office built in. Open, edit and save documents in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote without losing any original formatting. Sync your documents and team tasks via SharePoint, Office365 and SkyDrive to stay productive on the go.


Business class navigation

Find your way to your next appointment with ease using HERE Maps, HERE Transit, HERE Drive+ Beta and HERE City Lens. The HERE apps are built to work together so no matter how you choose to get around – walking, driving or via public transit – your experience will be seamless from one step of the journey to the next.

Business level security as standard

Security features on Windows Phone 8 include secure boot, which ensures the phone only runs with authentic operating system software. Password lock protection includes the ability to pre-define the number of failed password attempts. There’s also hardware accelerated encryption for all your data as well as encryption for data traffic.

Safe browsing and apps

Browsing the web and using the different apps is safe with Nokia Lumia. The Internet Explorer 10 browser and all other apps run in their own isolated chambers. This chamber mode means that the apps don’t have access to other applications or to camera, location or microphone without the user’s permission. Only certified apps are allowed to be installed on Nokia Lumia which means powerful protection against malware.

Add even more security

Effectively manage security policies, including remote lock and wipe to secure employees’ phones with device management solutions available from leading vendors. And Information Rights Management (IRM) lets your further protect documents shared as email messages – only available on Windows Phone.

Great accessories for smoother business

Working on the move is much easier with great accessories for your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Automatically charge your Nokia Lumia wirelessly while on a video call at the office, take important calls without having to take out your phone with great Bluetooth headsets, Charge up while navigating the open road with the Wireless Charging Car Holder or plug in the Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger for a power boost on the go.

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