Get more from life online


Shopping. Banking. Socialising. Your whole life’s online – get the most out of it with the Nokia Xpress Browser.

More for less

Videos. Pictures. Emails. Enjoy the best of the internet without crunching your data with the Nokia Xpress Browser. It compresses your content to reduce the data you use – without losing quality. So whether you’re streaming music videos or checking the football results, you’ll always get more of what you want.

Count on it

Keep tabs on your data with the Data Counters app. It gives you the lowdown on how many megabytes you’ve used, and how much you’ve still got to play with. With that know-how in your pocket, you’ll never be caught short again.

Keep tabs on everything

Stay one step ahead

Life moves fast. Keep up with the Nokia Asha. It lets you browse multiple sites at the same time. So if you’re bored waiting for a buffering video, surf the web while it loads – then watch when you’re ready.

We’ve all got favourite corners of the internet. The Nokia Asha stores yours as tiles on your start screen so you can connect instantly and keep living life at the speed you want.

Nokia Xpress Now: your one-stop shop for interesting content and trending news

The world at your fingertips

Always be in the know with the Nokia Xpress Now app. It collects the latest news, trending articles and websites into a fresh magazine-style page that keeps you updated with what’s what at a glance. There’s always something new, so plug it in and get more from the internet. Xpress Now is currently only available in selected countries.


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