Review and ratings for the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900 4.1 5 13 13
Amazing battery life, preloaded with great Nokia apps Amazing product. Battery lasts for 2 full day with light-medium use. Overall performance is fast, transitions are fluid, smooth and is easily comparable with dual/quad core phones on the market. Nokia drive is fantastic, providing accurate position info. TuneIn Radio is great too, can stream live radio via Internet. People and Pictures integrate Facebook, Twitter and many other Social Networking sites. Just set up and done. Sharing photos is extremely easy and fast. Apps are great, but 99% of quality apps are paid apps. Camera performance is just just OK, it's still far behind iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SIII despite the famous Carl Zeiss Tessar Optics. I was an iPhone 4 user before this Lumia 900. July 18, 2012
This product is simply excellent This is the phone I'm looking for with quite a lot of feature and is suitable for online business. June 19, 2012
Amazing sensation in phones I use Sony Xperia, when I looked at this piece of amazing design and performance in mobile phones history so far, I felt like, I missed something, anyways this is gonna be my next phone. June 19, 2012
This is the BEST phone i used. I am previously a Samsung Galaxy and a Iphone user. When I heard about this product, I could not believe its speed in doing things. I sold my Iphone and Samsung and bought one of these as it outperform all the others phone. Even i run a-lot of programs in the phone, I have NEVER experience lag unlike the Iphone and Samsung. Nokia, you are the BEST!!!! June 22, 2012
The greatest phone i've seen . With a simple design, this phone give the best of quality than other smartphones with high speed internet and many applications available in one phone . I think this phone is the best and people out there should have this . June 20, 2012
best smartphone easy to use, nice screen June 22, 2012
Generally good after some initial problems Had problems reading the SIM card and logging on to network initially, but problem was solved after resetting the phone. Battery lasts almost two days for my normal phone,text usage and e-mail checking, which is considered good for a smartphone, I guess. Don't see much difference in the photos though despite the 8MP camera... October 30, 2012
Better than iPhone. This phone is simple and very good for calling, playing and working. Although it was using single core to operate the phone, but thanks to Microsoft's software, the phone runs very smooth unlike the Android that always crash. The camera can be improve to 1080p video recording and the apps are still far away from app store and play store. Thanks to Nokia, we can use a phone with cheap price and good function. October 13, 2012
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