App Social Beta

Discover new apps and share favorites with friends.

Download App Social Beta

To download, scan the QR code with your Lumia phone: just hit the search button, select the eye icon at the bottom at the screen and hold up your phone to capture the QR code.

The only social app store exclusively for Nokia Lumia

With App Social exclusively for Nokia Lumia there are so many ways to find new must-have apps games. As well as the lists created by Nokia, check out lists made by friends and other users. App Social Beta brings crowd sourced app recommendations directly to you.

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Making App Discovery Personal

App Social is the go-to-resource for making App Discovery Personal, allowing you to create personal app list, follow, and thank other list creators. What are your favourite apps? Create a list and share with others. Browse lists made by friends to discover and use the apps they rate.

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App Lists

App Social Beta users can create sharable app lists in three simple steps: name the list, choose a cover image and then start adding apps! Pin app lists to the Home Screen for easy and fast access. Have you discovered a great app? Click the “thanks” icon to boost the list’s status on the App Social leader board.

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