The New Asha: inspired by people

New Asha range with colourful design

The New Asha range is a totally new take on smartphones. Created with people from all over the world, they are powerful, fast and simple to use.

Inspired by people, designed by Nokia

The challenge in making the New Asha was how to create something that is fresh, powerful and anything but average.

To achieve this, we had to do something different. So we travelled across the world to capture the needs, ideas and stories of people looking to get more out of life. What we discovered was a group of young go-getters who demand more from their phones: more internet, more speed, more personalisation.

We took those views and opinions and applied them to the design of The New Asha. And the result? A phone that feels powerful, personal and fast.

Get quick access to all your favourite stuff with Fastlane and the swipe gesture

What makes your phone yours is what’s inside: your friends, messages, pictures, apps – your life. So we wanted to put all those things at front and centre.

We created an interface where intrusions are minimised, leaving more room for your content. And you can navigate with natural gestures like taps and swipes, so your stuff is easier to get to.

On the New Asha, your most important content is gathered into one place, so you can easily jump into the action. For this we created Fastlane: a second home screen that shows all your recent apps, contacts and activities as well as what’s coming up in your calendar.

Simplicity meets power

To create something that is pure and powerful you need to question everything that has come before. For our product creation team, that meant focusing only on what is truly essential for the user – and then perfecting it.

This also applied to the assembly. Built out of just two parts – a screen and a cover – the Asha 501 is stronger than traditional phones, which comprise two halves joined together.

Every detail of the build is designed with care. Take the rounded corners: they are designed to fit perfectly around the screws inside, but they also reduce impact if dropped.

Because we designed both the hardware and the software, we could ensure that they play well together. Take the battery life: we know that a smartphone isn’t much use without a solid battery. With up to 48 days of standby time and up to 17 hours of talk time, the New Asha 501 just keeps going.

Say no to grey. Stand out with colour.

The New Asha range has intense, vibrant colours that are instantly recognisable. The range takes Nokia’s signature approach to colour to a new level with highly saturated red and green. The colours extend to the inside of the device, too. Just take the back cover off, and you’ll see the battery, matched to the black insides. This attention to even the smallest detail makes the phone really stand out.

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