Nokia Music and Nokia MixRadio

Effective date 25.4.2014

This Supplement contains relevant information pertaining to both Nokia MixRadio and Nokia Music applications. Some features as listed below may only be available on one or the other application.

Your privacy in Nokia Music and Nokia MixRadio

Microsoft Mobile’s privacy policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services. In addition, the following information applies to your use of Nokia Music or Nokia MixRadio (the "Service"). Please understand that the features of the Service may depend on how you access the Service. Accessing via a web browser provides a different set of features from accessing via a mobile client. Additionally, different device models and software versions of the Service may offer different features.

What information do we collect?

We collect the following categories of information:

Contact details

When you register to use the Service and create a Nokia Account, your contact details such as your email address and/or mobile phone number along with your user name and password are collected.

Technical information

When you use the Service, certain technical information such as the type of your mobile device, unique device or network service provider identifiers, IP address, time zone, technical details of your client, language and region, details relating to your launch of the application and number and types of compatible mobile devices you have connected or defined may be automatically collected by Microsoft Mobile. See our cookie policy for information on how we use cookies.

Credit or debit card details

If you choose to make a purchase via credit or debit card, you must provide Microsoft Mobile with your card details. Card details are not associated to your Nokia Account unless you so choose, in which case the card details are stored by a payment provider and tied to your Nokia Account and can be used for further transactions with the same Nokia Account. The Service may allow you to add credit to your account or to purchase a premium subscription which provides you with enhanced features to the Service.

Your transactions

We record your transactions with us, for example your registration to the Service and your purchase and download activities conducted within the Service. For example, we record the product you downloaded, the date and time of your download, information on which content area a track was purchased and the number of streaming or preview tracks you listened to, the payment amount and payment method (if applicable), and your receipt email address (if available). We also record any comments, ratings or reviews that you provided for any content.

Music listening and other usage data

Personalized profile: The Service allows you to create a personalized profile based on your music listening. This profile is used to tailor your experience to match your preferences, for example to make recommendations or to provide you with information about your favorite artists. The profile will be composed of your music listening data. This includes the tracks you listen to as well as the skips, likes, dislikes and favorites you indicate per track. The music listening data will also continue to be collected in case you set the music player to background but have enabled collection of music listening data.

If you have logged in to your Nokia Account while listening to music and enabled collection of music listening data at the same time, your music listening profile will be tied to your Nokia Account and remain active as long as you don’t terminate your Nokia Account. When you terminate your Nokia Account, the music listening profile will also be deleted. If you want to disable collection of additional information associated to your profile, you can do that by disabling the “usage data” collection from the application settings.

Recommendations: The Service may provide you with recommendations on artists or tracks you may like. These recommendations are based on your music listening behavior and indications of likes and dislikes for particular tracks or artists. If you have created a personalized profile and enabled push notifications, the recommendations may be provided to you as push notifications.

Reporting to license holders: For the purposes of reporting music consumption back to license holders, we collect both online and offline radio play, skips and other events related play sessions. This information is processed in de-identified manner to provide aggregate licensing reports back to the rights holders of the music content. This information is collected regardless of your choices to create a personalized profile or to participate in the Nokia Improvement Program.

Nokia Improvement Program: If you participate in the Nokia Improvement Program, you help us improve our products as further explained in the applicable privacy supplement. You may choose to turn the improvement program off either from the application settings or the device settings, depending on your device model and software version.

Location data

Your location may be used to provide you with information about nearby events and to make your music listening profile location-aware. If you have turned on the collection of music listening data and have also enabled the location services for the application, location data will be associated to the music listening data. If you don’t want this to happen, you can turn off location services for the application from the settings menu.

Your choices

In addition to the choices defined in Microsoft Mobile’s privacy policy, you can disable the collection of statistical information for Nokia Improvement Program product improvement purposes through settings either in the application or the device, depending on your device model and application version.

You may turn on and off the collection of music listening data, usage data or location data from the settings of the Service. The music listening data setting controls the creation of the music listening profile. As your music listening profile may be associated to your Nokia Account, please also consider that if you have enabled the collection of music listening data and are logged in to Nokia Account at the same time, your music listening data will be associated to your Nokia Account.

You may not opt-out from the collection of aggregate, de-identified information for the purposes of licensing reporting to rights holders.

Other important information

You may contact us through our customer care or through following contact details:

Microsoft Mobile Oy
c/o Privacy
Keilalahdentie 4
02150 Espoo

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