Nokia improvement program

Your Privacy in Nokia improvement program

Nokia's Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data when you use our products and services. In addition the following applies to your use of Nokia improvement program ('the Program').

Nokia improvement program is a program, which may be included in many Nokia products and services. You can help improve Nokia products and services by participating to the program. We aim to help you get more from you device and services you’re using.

We are collecting the following categories of data

Depending on the application, the Program collects events relevant for that application. The Program will not, however, collect any information about the content which you may create or access using the application. Rather, the information collected consists of statistics about which features of the product or service are used and how often. This information may be enriched with certain device information such as device model, operator and country, but does not contain more detailed information about the location where the product or service is being used.

In summary, the Program collects information about how you use the different features of the products and services in your device and may include:

  • Information about Service usage contains information such as device model, operator, country, unique identifier of the device in association with a particular event of the service, such as start and stop events.
  • Error situations you may face during normal use of the device or services is detected by the program and information about what was the cause for that particular error situation is collected. No memory dumps, which might contain personal data about the particular situation, where the error occurred.

We are using the data for the following purposes

Nokia improvement program collects data for the purposes of improving the products and services, understanding which features of the product and service are used the most often and making relevant recommendations about which features you might also like based on your experience.

We are collecting the data the following way

Nokia improvement program collects events about the actions performed within a product or service. The data about the events is compressed and sent only when there is an active data connection. In terms of bandwidth, the data consists only of a few kilobytes.

Sharing of your data

We do not share the data related to how you have used our products and services with third parties. We may share aggregated, anonymous reports based on the same information with the developers of the product or service in addition to reports about potential crashes occurred. This information doesn’t contain any information to identify you personally.


The data stored in-device by the Nokia improvement program is protected against unauthorized access and use and we use secure protocols to transfer the data from the device to Nokia servers. When the data has been transferred, it’s deleted at the same time from the device storage. If you opt-out from the Nokia improvement program, all data stored in the device are at the same time deleted from the device storage.

Your choices

You may choose to turn the Nokia improvement program on and off from the settings of the device. Depending on your device, the settings may remain in the service instead of the centralized device settings. Please visit settings of the device as well as the service to find the relevant settings. If you turn the Nokia improvement program off, all data stored in the device are at the same time deleted from the device storage and no further data is being collected about how you use the product or service without your consent.

Other information

Nokia Corporation is the controller of your data. In addition to these terms, Nokia’s Privacy Policy applies. You may contact us through our customer care or through following contact details:

Nokia Corporation
c/o Privacy
Keilalahdentie 4
02150 Espoo

For information concerning the service, check our support pages.