Nokia Asha 205 - How do I install Maps 3.09 on my phone?

Maps 3.09 is available for compatible devices as part of the Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 bundle. Installing Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 will install the following applications in your phone:

  • Nokia Maps 3.09
  • Drive
  • Places widget
  • Public Transport v2
  • Weather (not available in China)
  • Guides
  • Check in (only available in China)
  • Map Loader

You can install Nokia Maps Suite on your phone through one of the channels below:

  • SW Update menu on your phone
  • Nokia Suite (select Software updates > Applications available)
  • Nokia Store (search for Nokia Maps Suite 2.0)

When installing via SW Update menu or from Nokia Store, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection or a cellular connection with data plan because a large amount of data will be transferred during the installation. Note that the installation may take a while to complete.

After the installation you can launch the applications from the phone menu. You can add the application widgets also on the home screen (Map Apps, Places nearby).

Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 and Maps 3.09 require that Nokia Belle phone software is installed in the phone.