HERE Drive+ - How can I get HERE Drive back if I have accidentally removed it from my Windows Phone?

If you have accidentally uninstalled the HERE Drive or HERE Drive+ app from your device, you can re-install it from Microsoft Store:

  • In your phone, start Store.
  • Browse in Nokia collection or search for HERE Drive or HERE Drive+ and install the application.

Note that if your phone had initially HERE Drive version and you have purchased an upgrade to HERE Drive+, you don't need to purchase the app again. All of your Windows Phone app purchases are tied to your Microsoft account. You can download and re-install any app you've purchased by logging in to the Windows Phone Store.To download and reinstall HERE Drive+:

  • Go to Store on your phone and search for HERE Drive+
  • Tap Buy. You’ll see a message saying you’ve already bought the app.
  • Tap Install.