Nokia Lumia 510 - What can be the reason why I cannot sign in my Microsoft account on my Nokia Lumia phone?

If you could not sign in to your Lumia phone with Microsoft account (Windows Live) ID, you may see an error message or your password does not seem to be working, check if any of these questions apply to your symptoms:

  1. Can you sign in on a computer? If yes, do you have a working data connection?
  2. Did you forget your password and need to reset it?
  3. Do you have date and time set correctly on your Lumia phone?
  4. Did you recently enable two-step verification on your Microsoft account?
  5. Is the Microsoft account service running?
  6. Is your password too long or does your password contain a space or special characters? If yes, will you change it?
  7. When you created your Microsoft account, did you complete the verification process?

If you changed or renamed your primary Microsoft account (for example, changing <old>@<email_address>.com to <new>@<email_address>.com), you will have to reset your phone in order to change the Microsoft account on your Windows Phone.