Nokia N9-00 - Which version of the Nokia Suite is compatible with Nokia N9?

The application intended for Nokia N9 is Nokia Link. If you wish, you can use the latest version of Nokia Suite as well (v3.5 or later). Download and install Nokia Suite from your local Nokia website.

Some features working with other phones are not supported with N9 e.g.:

MMS messages are not synced to Nokia Suite.

  • To transfer MMS attachments to the PC: first save them to the device gallery and then sync with Nokia Suite.

Music Playlists cannot be synced.

  • Playlists on the device are not displayed in Nokia Suite.

Contact groups cannot be synced.

  • Contact groups on the device are not displayed in Nokia Suite.
  • Contacts that belong to a group are still synced.

Some limitations with support plugin (Phone info and tools).

  • Battery and network levels not displayed.
  • Active connections not displayed.