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Nokia Lumia 610
Nokia Lumia 610 3.1 5 127 127
Very slick operating system Have played around with a couple of android phones which I thought were very good, the nokia lumia 610 is amazing, very quick and slick with regards to the operating system. The internet is quick, my wife has a htc wildfire same processor speed as the nokia 610 the nokia is very quick compared to the htc wildfire. General feel is very good with good build quality, voice command which is excellent. Very easy to use, would highly recommend as an alternative to an android phone. People need to go and see these phones working, they will be very surprised as I was. Camera very good, sound quality very good. Highly recommend 10 out of 10. 8 September 2012
Good call! Recently got this phone after looking at other and more expensive smart phones. Really really pleased I got it, it does everything I want wthout overwhelming me with technical specifications I can't understand yet alone use! Love its size as well. Thanks Nokia! 29 October 2012
Slick, comfortable, accessible! I really like the functionality, style and feel of the phone, which blends perfectly with the Windows Mobile software. All actions and responses are very smooth ,helped greatly by the 'Tiles' and their personalisation. This makes all contacts and communications immediate. I really like this phone! 17 November 2012
this is best mobile in the world... jumbo phone.....very easy to use with excellent windows features..... 30 May 2012
Its a good phone though Wish you had a setting for disabling the little vibrations when i tap on the Back, Search and The Menu buttons. I guess they contribute to faster battery drainage. I charge the phone everyday which isnt a good idea especialy when the phone is new. The camera is a 5megapixel but my old Nokia 5230(with 2megapix) takes better pictures especialy indoors. You could have done better. Another thing it doesnt support USSD which then means i cant do my cellphone banking anymore, thats a bad supprise guess you should do something about this. Generally all else works well. Its a good phone 16 August 2012
excellent and almost th.ere ive been a fan of windows phone since the realease of the lumia 800 the simplicity and speed of which all the funtions and apps move is amazing, people who fault this phone must be out there tree and seem to complain about everything and anything. this is a BASIC handset for the lumia range and it deals with day to day task with ease. if you want a power house then go for a higher spec model and stop giving this amazing Basic piece of tech a hard time it does what it was designed to do and it does it well, would recommend to anybody starting out on the smartphone scene. 14 September 2012
the real phone means nokia lumia 610 one of the best phone i ever see. Simple smart &handy. windows giving more attraction to this phone. one day nokia will come back with all this good phone. 8 October 2012
A pretty decent phone I'd defintely suggest this phone to a person who's just stepping into the Smartphone market. 5 June 2012
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