FAQ - Where has the GPS signal indicator gone in Maps 3.04 and later?

A separate GPS signal indicator has been removed from Maps starting from version 3.04. The new Maps version brings improved accuracy indication with the red dot showing the current location. A halo around the red dot shows the estimated accuracy of the current location.

The satellite status can still be viewed in the GPS data menu in some of the phone models. Depending on your device, select:

  • Menu > Applications > Location > GPS data > Options > Satellite status (e.g. Nokia N97, N97 mini).
  • Menu > Applications > GPS > GPS data > Options > Satellite status (e.g. Nokia E72).
  • Menu > Applications > GPS Data > Options > Satellite status (e.g. Nokia N86 8MP).


This topic is valid for:

Nokia C6,Nokia C5,Nokia N97,Nokia N97,Nokia X6-00,Nokia 5800,Nokia 5230