Capture with confidence with the Nokia Camera Grip for Lumia 1020

Make the most of the camera on your Lumia 1020 smartphone with our new camera grip. It fits your phone snugly, so you can get your perfect shot – even when holding with just one hand.


Boost your battery. Without plugging in.

Stop worrying about battery life! With our handy wireless charging accessories, you can just set your Lumia down for a power nap wherever there's a charger – at home, in the office, in your car. How did you ever get through the day without it?


High-quality sound. Good looks.

Make your music sound fantastic. From portable speakers to comfy on-ear cans, we develop our products with the likes of JBL, Monster and Coloud for ultimate sound.

We've partnered with the best.

Our partners include the likes of Fatboy, Monster, JBL and Coloud. By combining our innovative tech and award-winning design with their specialist know-how, we make gorgeous accessories that you'll love to use.