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Moving your apps, tunes and photos from your old iPhone or Android is easy.

Help is at hand

Make the transition to Lumia as quick and easy as possible by downloading the helpful free apps and resources. Spend less time transferring your contacts, music and apps, and more time enjoying them on your new Nokia Lumia.

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Let's get started

Ready to use your phone? Move all your contacts over using a free app called Transfer my Data. It uses Bluetooth to quickly copy contacts between phones. If you want to transfer everything in one go, there's Welcome Home to Windows Phone, a free app from Mark/Space and Nokia.

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Welcome Home to Windows Phone

Welcome Home to Windows Phone is an intuitive app that moves all your contacts, photos and videos from your Android, Blackberry or iPhone to your PC or Mac. Once you plug your Lumia into your computer all the content transfers across.

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Syncing with Mac

Got a Mac? No problem. The free Windows Phone app for Mac lets you easily sync your favorite music, videos, photos and podcasts from iTunes and iPhotos to your Lumia so you can take your media with you wherever you go.

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Having problems?

If you do need help, there’s plenty of advice online, look out for blogs, forums and videos all relating to the Nokia Lumia. Alternatively, check out Nokia Support where you’ll find user guides, discussions, FAQs and more.

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