Nokia Maps 2.5 - Why is my map data using Latin Script rather than my own?

If the map data on your device is showing Latin Script rather than you own Script (such as Thai, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese) it could be because of the following:

  1. Ensure that the device you have has the correct Language selected- when the map data is downloaded to your device, either Over The Air (OTA) or via Nokia Suite, it checks the Language of your device and loads the appropriate map data.
  2. The True Fonts that display the map data are missing, resulting in Maps defaulting to Latin Script - If you have loaded a new Memory card, or have formatted your old card, load new map data from any Asian country via Nokia Suite to transfer the map data and True Fonts to your device (the fonts will be transferred as part of the map data package). If you have map data already on your device (either by previously downloading the map data or because you have downloaded it OTA directly via the device), delete them via Nokia Suite before loading your new data.