Smarter everyday

Every smartphone is an amazing window on the world, your world. A portable connection to billions of people and access to the sum of human knowledge.

You want to have the best window that you can, of course, but the real power is in what you do with that opportunity, how you shape your working life, your life.

Choosing the right smartphone is only the start of improving your performance. The same level of care and attention that goes into designing a Nokia phone, can be applied to how you design your day and work. We don’t believe productivity is just about executing more in a shorter period of time. We believe life is better when you can execute smartly, when you can do things easier, hassle-free with peace of mind.

Smarter everyday intends to inspire you to get the most out of your business, adopting leading approaches to productivity, collaboration and technology adoption. We will share ideas from business leaders and innovators who bring a unique view on creativity, leadership and management, as well as stories from within Nokia.

We are starting out this quarter with ’designing your day’, thinking about how we work in an age where we can be always-on, where we choose when and how to access our work and our world, and how this enables us to achieve more than before.

Join us and share your thoughts and ideas on how we can develop as individuals and professionals. Nokia@Work is live and growing on Twitter and LinkedIn!


We will also explore further topics:

Mobile minds

Can your device make you smarter? Used badly, can it make you dumber? Whether it is social networks or disruptive technologies, debate rages as to whether the power of the web available everywhere, anytime is really good for the way we think and work.

Teams that flow

Teams need to establish a productive, supportive culture around using technology in order to get the most from it. Expectations of always-on communications and myths of 24/7 super-workers can be corrosive and harm productivity. So how do teams reach peak performance?

Growing agility

Much is made of organisational resilience and responses to the ‘new normal’, sometimes called VUCA - Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. According to new research by psychologists, being more flexible in our behavior can help us embrace change. This can enhance our ability as individuals, teams and organisations to adapt and succeed in an unpredictable world.

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