Against a backdrop of war and political turmoil, Ip Man overcame great personal challenges and left a lasting legacy with Wing Chun that is now spread across the globe. His life is best remembered with the photographs he took. As Ip Man the Musical unfolds in late 2014, we re-imagine how Ip Man would have loved the innovations delivered by the Nokia Lumia 925.


Ip Man: Memoirs of a Grandmaster - Part 1: Capturing The Moment

What if kids just wont stand still when you try to take a picture? Just like all of us, even the great grandmaster Ip Man faced the same problem. With the Nokia Smart Camera in the Nokia Lumia 925, you will always have the Best Shot for posterity!

Ip Man: Memoirs of a Grandmaster - Part 2: Anatomy of a Fight

Ever wondered how many punches it takes for Ip Man to knock out 6 bad guys? Wing Chun, being one of the fastest Martial Arts in the world, it’s almost impossible to capture on camera, however with Lumia 925’s Smart Camera feature ‘Action Shot’, capturing 8 punches per second is no longer an impossibility rather a work of art.