Review and ratings for the Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia 900
Nokia Lumia 900 4.5 5 4 4
Best phone Nokia has ever made! If you can't decide what phone to get, for example an iphone, or the lumia, the lumia 900 is NOT an alternative, BUT is another whole new more advance and easier experience! With live tiles and the whopping 4.3'' screen, people with big fingers, will be happy! and comparing to iphone 4S, if you drop it, don't worry, the corning gorilla glass is strong and durable, it is tough, i mean really tough. Great phone:) May 24, 2012
this product add more interesting features this lumia 900 is screen big, and friendly user, everything all swap, might can use abit stuff same as android phone apps. as in nokia phone might put picture frame, battery idicator at phone screen features and the apps might can follow android. May 24, 2012
lumia 900 nokia lumia 900 the camera/video recording is very clear and sharp, and the internet speed is fast, and the design is very beautiful. July 19, 2012
Major problem with speaker. The lumia 900 is probably the best phone I've ever had, so good in fact that I abandoned my iPhone for it. However, there's a major problem with the speaker. If there's any sound happening, whether it be on an app, music player or even button press sounds, it causes the screen to jump to either voice dialling or the tabs screen. But when I either set the phone to 'silent' or plug in headphones, the problem disappears. This incredibly annoying issue makes the otherwise incredible phone very difficult to use. If this issue ever gets addressed it will change my 'average' rating to 5 stars. August 27, 2012
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