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Please note that if you are a customer in need of assistance please contact customer care in your area. You can find contact info at Support.

If you have an idea which you would like to share with Nokia, please go to

If you have identified a solution to a technical problem and/or created new application/technology which you would like to sell to Nokia, please register with Invent With Nokia to submit your invention:

Warning on hoax lotteries/promotions: We would like to warn our customers that there have been several hoax messages about promotions and lottery campaigns, sent via email or SMS, purporting to originate from Nokia. Nokia has not initiated any such campaigns and has nothing to do with them - the messages have been sent via parties that are not associated with Nokia in any way. Please do not reply to these messages or pass them on, as it is possible that by replying to such emails that your personal information could be misused by the originators of the message or others. The most effective action is to delete the message without responding to the sender.