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Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1520 4.3 5 78 78
The best phoone I have ever used. Had iPhones 3 to 5. Got sick of the proprietary environment and they got boring. Went to a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Got sick of waiting for Android updates (14 months without an update!). Went to the Lumia 1520. Best phone by far. Surprised at the battery life (much better then the Note II). Love the Microsoft integration: office, xbox music, etc. It is not too big. Once you use it for a while you will be surprised at how small the others are rather than how big the 1520 is. Camera is fantastic. Display is great. Love this phone. Only negative is that some of my favorite apps are missing (flipboard, schwab, etc.). Still, I haven't regretted switching and can't imagine ever going back to apple or Samsung. January 7, 2014
Love it! Amazing phone with plenty of screen to spare. Coming out of an iPhone for the past 5 years, I was a bit hesitant but have not missed my iPhone at all. Can't wait to see more apps become available along with more accessories. Great device. December 20, 2013
Sublime This device is the one I had been waiting for. I would have gone with the 1020 if it had been a 1080p device. But the 21MP camera on the 1520 is MORE than adequate for my needs. Yep it's big, I have big hands. Hands free calling is made better by the fact that it is large. Plus the size allows for a giant battery and incredible life. It has the apps I need at an IT consultant. OH, BTW...eBook reading on this device is Amazing!! I never thought I would read a book on a phone. December 19, 2013
You will not be disappointed. I switched from an s4 and I am glad that I did. This is my first Windows phone and it won't be the last. Amazing display and very fast. December 18, 2013
Nokia + Windowsphone = Perfection Having used iPhone for 3 years then Android for 3, I have to say MS has by far the best Phone OS going. It is so smooth and responsive. It is so intuitive and Easy, but the magical thing is, unlike Apple they didn't have to limit features to keep it simple, they have given you all the features, but made them simple to use. I used to chuckle at their commercials saying how you could do things "quicker" on a WindowsPhone, but I have to say to my surprise it is notably quicker to do just about everything. If you are new to Windows phone you may need 1 - 3 days to stop trying to use it like an iPhone or an Android. But once you "turn the corner" and you "get" the Windowsphone style, everything just suddenly makes complete sense. Hardware - superb, seems a little big at first, but now after a few days, the others just seem too small. Screen is gorgeous and build is slim, sleek and smooth... Enjoy! December 20, 2013
very well done device My first windows 8 phone and I love it this 1520 is one of the fastest phones out right now and the screen is amazing the speakers are great the battery lasts for like 3 days the build quality is awesome great work from Nokia December 19, 2013
Lumia 1520 beats your expectations This is the best phone I ever had. It features bug screen, showing all details, and games looks real. It's quad-core proc is very fast compared with other phones. It loads apps in milli seconds. Camera is 20 mp, showing all the details u dream with, SD Card to keep plenty of videos, music and photos. I would recommend it over note 3 and iPhone. January 13, 2014
The Nokia 1520 is the perfect size for my daily life At first I thought the 1520 would be too large. But once I had it in my hand those thoughts were immediately gone. I have a full size tablet, the Surface. But, I don't carry it with me everywhere I go. But I do carry my phone with me. But often the phone is too small for any tablet type work to be done. What I like best about the 1520 is: Fast and efficient in accessing Email, Services and the Internet Sync with SkyDrive Clarity of the Screen in varied places Long battery life Large body, but light in weight. (I come from a 920, and in comparison they are very similar) 32g storage plus 64g card plus SkyDrive integration means I NEVER run out of room What I didn't care for about the 1520 is: One of the stock cases I purchased covers the power button to an extent that makes it difficult to access There are some features from the Galaxy Note 3 that are attractive, like Multi Screen, Stylus, and the Action item with Stylus. Lack of Wireless charging solution. I know this is NOT a Nokia issue, but I am impacted anyway. After a week of ownership, I am ecstatic about owning the 1520. I love Windows Phone and 1520 does Windows Phone best. February 3, 2014
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