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Nokia Lumia 925
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So Glad I Waited! I've been wanting to upgrade from my HD7 running 7.5 to a WP 8 phone for a long time. So glad I waited for this phone to come out. First, of all the phone just looks sexy. It's very thin and light and the aluminum around the edges and the glossy AMOLED screen make it a gorgeous phone. I think it looks just as good, if not better than my hubby's G S4. Both the processing and data speeds are awesome. I love the new features on 8. It seems Microsoft listened to consumers because I can drag and drop my music directly onto the phone instead of having to go through clunky old Zune. It works seamlessly with my Windows 8 Pro laptop. The HERE Drive app is a definite improvement on "Maps" and I love the extra tweaks in settings, including a breakdown of what memory is being used where. I used to work in cell phone tech support and most of the complaints I heard about WP 7/7.5 have been resolved with WP 8. The camera is also awesome. Don't be put off by only having 16 GB of non-expandable memory. Less than 2GB of that is taken up by the system. Compare that with the G S4 which uses something like 8 GB of space for system software. July 22, 2013
You will love this phone. While I've always liked cell phones, I've also been a bit underwhelmed by Android OS, and I an not a fan of iPhones (too restrictive, too expensive, too "the smae", etc.) I was very interested in a Windows 8 phone. T-Mobile offered this one and a fairly priced contract-free service (IMO) and I decided to switch (my girlfriend did too.) I HAVE NEVER LIKED OR ENJOYED A PHONE SO MUCH! I cannot stress this enough, this phone and Windows Phone 8 has completely exceeded my expectations. The phone is fast, light, works very well with others (Yahoo, Google, etc.), and the live tiles just makes sense on a phone. The Nokia specific apps are excellent too. It's crazy they're free. Speaking of apps, a common complaint is Windows doesn't have as many apps. While this is true, I think it's fair to say that in the Apple and Android market 9 out of 10 apps are garbage. Seriously, how many different flashlight apps does a person need? Also, I have used apps from both Android and Windows and many of the Windows 8 apps are better designed. For example, Pandora (which is free for a year if you get Windows 8) is far superior to the Android version. Also, I really like the Amazon app for Windows and another is Bing news. I have not found a better news app yet. I would have given this phone perfect marks; however, Windows 8 is a bit of a learning curve because it's a new approach, but it's totally worth it. Love or hate Windows 8 on PC, on a phone it is really awesome So, in the spirit of full disclosure, and considering my rave review of this phone, I should point out the phone I'm using is actually my SECOND 925. The screen on my first one went bad. T-Mobile swapped out devices and all my contacts were on my new phone as if nothing happened. I mention this to demonstrate how much I like this phone and Windows 8; I was willing to risk continuing with this phone despite my inconvenience. So far the new one has worked flawlessly. I totally recommend this phone and OS. September 5, 2013
Finally a flagship Windows Phone for T-Mobile So glad this was released for T-Mobile. I'm tired of seeing all of the flagship Nokia devices going to AT&T. I won't use them as a carrier but I'd still like to get a high end Nokia, finally I can. July 20, 2013
My First Nokia Lumia This is my first Nokia Lumia as well as my first phone with Windows' Operating System. The phone is incredibly easy to use with a short learning curve. My only complaint is the fact that there is only 16GB of internal storage available. Most of us would be happy to see either a 32GB, a 64GB, or higher storage option. August 2, 2013
Nokia 925 best of the, smooth,, nice camera, easy to use.. July 29, 2013
Love My New Lumia 925! I waited for Nokia to come out with a high end W8 phone for T-Mobile and it was worth the wait. I've been a T-Mobile customer since 2000 and didn't want to change to the other higher priced carriers. I had a Lumia 710 and love the W8 OS because of its user friendly easy learning curve. Great sleek new look. Top features which I keep discovering. Great camera. Thanks Nokia this is a fun phone to use. August 19, 2013
The best metal phone so far. After switch from the 920 to the 925 I have to say that I don't regret it. The phone is smoother, lighter, takes better pictures, better software it's just the best Lumia ever made. And now my wife is enjoying her 920 & she loves it. July 22, 2013
I love, love, love my Windows Phone :-D!!! I got this phone a few days ago after I shattered my HTC 8X Windows Phone. I loved that phone fiercely and I was a little bit skeptical about a Nokia, even though a Nokia was my first cellphone, because my son had the Lumia 521 and it seemed more like a toy than a phone. It came down to either this phone or an iPhone because I don't really like Androids. I am pleasantly surprised with all the great features that my previous HTC 8X didn't have. The Nokia apps are super and features like Glance, Touch, WiFi calling and Call Blocker are the best. The way it feels in my hand is sorta strange but my case is on the way so no worries. I also have an Xbox and a Windows 8.1 PC and I love the seamless sync between the three devices. I don't worry about the lack of internal storage and memory expansion because I have 28GB of storage on OneDrive. I love the Office integration because I have Office 2010 and I can access all of my documents with ease. Everything from my old phone appeared on my new one as soon as I logged into my Microsoft Account and the updates went quickly. I am the only person I know with a Windows Phone (my son went to the dark side and got an Android) and I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen. I do wish that I had some of the apps that IOS and Android has. I mean come on, Windows Phone people have money that is just as green as all the others. But the best Windows Phone feature of all is the personalization, and neither iPhone or Android has that and that feature most of all really, really appeals to my control superfreak nature. I love, love, love my Windows Phone :-D!!! March 14, 2014
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