Nokia C5-03 - What do I do if the memory is full on my Nokia Symbian phone?

Depending on the error messages, the following actions can be taken:

1.Memory Full: Close some applications and try again

In this case there are too many applications active at the same time. The problem can be fixed by closing some of the applications:

  • Long press the Menu key to see the list of active applications.
  • Select the applications which are not needed and close them.

If this doesn't help, switch off and restart the phone.

2. Memory Full: Delete or remove some data from C: Phone memory

The phone notifies you if the phone memory or memory card free space is getting low. There can be different error messages shown this situation, for example:

  • "Memory Full: Delete or remove some data from C: Phone memory"
  • "Disk Full : Automatic retrieval of mailbox for exchange disabled"

To free phone memory, transfer some data to the memory card with the File mgr application (select Menu > Applications > File mgr.). Select or mark files to be moved, select Options >Organise > Move to folder and then the destination folder.

In order to free memory, you could also remove or move the following items:

  • Messages from Inbox, Drafts and Sent folders in Messaging.
  • Define a shorter sync period in Mail settings to remove retrieved e-mails.
  • Clear the web browser cache to free some memory (select Options > Clear privacy data > Cache). 
  • Saved images, videos, or sound files.
  • Contact information.
  • Calendar notes.
  • Downloaded application packages.
  • If there are applications which are not needed any more, uninstall them (select Menu > Settings > Data mgr. > App.mgr. > Installed apps.).
  • Any other data that you no longer need.

Use the memory card in the Camera application (select Options > Settings > Memory in use to define the memory where the images are stored). Or copy images and video clips to your PC with Nokia Suite.  If you are deleting multiple items and the following notes are shown: Not enough memory to perform operation, Delete some data first or Memory low. Delete some data, try deleting items one by one (starting from the smallest item).