HERE City Lens - Find places

Never miss an interesting place again. You can see what's around you through your camera viewfinder.

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Nokia City Lens iconHERE City Lens.
  2. Tap a category such as accommodation or shopping.

Show places on your surroundings

  1. Hold your phone in landscape mode, and pan around you as if taking a photo.

    The radar in the top right corner helps you quickly see where there are places near you.

    If there are many places in the same location, to view them, tap plus icon.

    If you're in a crowded area with hundreds of places just around the corner, you may want to filter your view so that you only see the places that are in your direct line of sight. Tap Sightline icon.

    This feature may not be available in all areas.

View places in a list

  1. Hold your phone in portrait mode.

Search for a place

  1. In the main view, tap search icon, and write your search word.

    Your searches are saved for future use.

    Like to check out bookstores or sushi restaurants when you're out and about? You can pin your searches to the start screen, so you can find what you're looking for with a single tap. Tap and hold an item on the search history list, and tap pin to start.