HERE Drive+ - Get assistance when commuting

Reduce your commuting stress – HERE Drive+‎ learns your daily routes and gives you real-time info on traffic conditions and incidents.

Tap HERE Drive Plus iconHERE Drive+‎.

This feature is available for selected regions around the world.

The availability of traffic info may vary according to the region and country.

When you use My Commute, your phone learns where and when you usually drive. To speed up the learning, you can also set your usual journeys manually. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap My Commute. Tap new commute, search for your start point and destination, for example, your home and work address, and set the times you usually go to work and head back home. To edit an existing commute, tap and hold it, and tap edit.

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If it's close to the time you usually set off to your destination, your phone suggests the destination in the My Commute tile. To set off to the suggested place, tap the tile, then tap the route and START.

    Tip: Try out different routes to your daily destinations. My Commute shows you all your usual routes. Don't let traffic slow you down – tap the live tile, and check which route is the fastest.

  2. To set off to another place, for example, the gym instead of home, after tapping the My Commute tile, swipe left or right to the place you want to drive to.

    Tip: Add the My Commute live tile to the start screen, so you can see info on the traffic conditions and estimated travel time for your next commute at a glance, and access your commutes with a single tap. Tap HERE Drive Plus iconHERE Drive+‎, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and tap Settings > My Commute > Pin to start.

    If you’re signed in to your Nokia account, your commutes are saved to your account. To remove your My Commute info, tap settings iconSettings > Clear personal data > My commutes.