Nokia Lumia 1520 - Create the stories of your life

Let your photos tell the stories of your life with Nokia Storyteller.

Your phone needs access to your location info. To allow it, swipe left, tap settings iconSettings > location, and switch Location services to Ontoggle on icon.

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Nokia Storyteller.

    The photos you have taken are automatically collected together as stories. You need to have at least 7 photos taken at a time and in one place for the app to form a story.

  2. To create a story yourself, tap bullet list icon, the photos, and merge icon.
  3. To rename the story, tap the collection and the title, and write a new name.
  4. To view a photo in the story, tap the collection, swipe left, and tap a photo. To browse the other photos, swipe left or right.

    You can add captions to the photos in the story. Tap a photo and add caption. To view a caption, tap the photo.

Locate your photo on a map

  1. To see on a map where a photo was taken, place 2 fingers on the photo, and slide them together.