Nokia Lumia 620 - Use your phone with ease

Struggling with small text or blurry images? Make the fonts larger and the screen easier to view.

  1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap settings iconSettings.
  2. Tap ease of access.

Change the font size

  1. Drag the Text size slider.

Turn high contrast on

  1. Switch High contrast to Ontoggle on icon.

Magnify the screen

  1. Switch Screen magnifier to Ontoggle on icon, and double-tap the screen with two fingers. When using the magnifier, use two fingers to move around the screen. To stop magnification, double-tap the screen with two fingers.

Use your phone with a TTY/TDD

  1. Under TTY/TDD, tap full.

    The available TTY/TDD modes may vary depending on your network service provider.