Nokia Camera - How can I zoom and reframe my full-resolution photos in Nokia Camera?

When you take a photo, Nokia Camera saves two versions of it: a full-resolution photo (34MP/38MP) and a high-resolution photo (5MP). The full-resolution photo can only be viewed in Nokia Camera. Elsewhere, for example, in the Photos hub, a very clear 5MP version of the photo is used. To zoom and reframe the full-resolution photo, you must open the photo in Nokia Camera. There are two ways to do that:

If you want to zoom and reframe the photo right after taking it, tap the round thumbnail of the photo on the top left corner of the screen.

If you want to zoom and reframe the photo later, go to the Photos hub, tap the photo and tap the open by Nokia Camera link below the photo.

To zoom a photo, place two fingers on the photo and slide your fingers apart or together.

To reframe a photo, tap the reframe icon and twirl the photo with two fingers to the direction you want.

Note: Technical info about pixels applies only to Nokia Camera in the Nokia Lumia 1020.