Nokia Drive 2.0 - How can I prevent the battery from draining when using Nokia Drive in my Nokia with Windows Phone?

Using Nokia Drive and GPS will increase the consumption of the phone battery. To prevent the battery from draining, it is recommended to connect the phone to a car charger when using Nokia Drive.

When not using Drive, remember to exit the application and don't leave it running in the background. Long press the back key to view the applications you have active in the background. Select Drive and exit the application by using the back key.

In Windows Phone 8 devices you can enable Settings > Battery saver in Drive settings. This will automatically switch off GPS if Drive is left running in the background when no navigation is active.

Check also that you have pre-loaded the map data in your phone in Settings > Manage maps. If there's no country map pre-loaded, the map data will be downloaded dynamically during the navigation, consuming the battery.