Nokia E72 - How can I control the size of the email downloaded to my Nokia Messaging client?

The Email download size setting allows you to select 1 of 3 options for controlling the size of the downloaded email: Headers only, Headers plus or Full message. Note! Some devices have 2 options, Headers Only and Full message.

Headers only: This setting quickly synchronizes just the subject line and the sender’s name. This is the fastest and causes the least battery drain. It enables you to see the contents of the Inbox without synchronizing the entire data. The body of the email can be fetch by selecting the scroll key.

Headers plus:  This is the default setting and only a specified number of characters of the email are retrieved. The rest of the email is fetched as the user scrolls down and reaches the end of the displayed part of the email. This is done within seconds so you can continue reading through the email with very little delay.

Full message: This setting downloads the entire message during synchronization.

To edit the Email download size launch the Nokia Messaging client application and perform the following (For Example on Nokia E72):

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Select What to sync.
  3. Select Inbox Settings. 
  4. Select  Email download size.
  5. Select either Headers only, Headers plus or Full message.
  6. Press Ok