Nokia Maps 3.06 - What does the setting Maps Improvement stand for?

The Maps Service Improvement Initiative (MSII) is a voluntary initiative to better understand how the users are using the Maps application. This improved understanding is used to improve future releases. By joining MSII you will give Nokia information about the way you use the Service. The collected data includes details about your device and software attributes, such as your device serial number, device model, operator and country codes, software versions and other such details as well as information on your usage patterns, such as activation of different features of the Service and other commands and requests you make when using the Maps application. The MSII data is then analysed and aggregated in a statistical and non-personal manner to learn from similarities in usage patterns between various users. The aforesaid statistical and non-personal analysis may involve combining the MSII data with other data we have collected as part of your use of the Maps application. Once the analysis is done the MSII data will be deleted. Your geographical locations or actual content of your usage such as search queries will not be collected.

After you have joined MSII you may opt-out anytime from the participation to the MSII in the Nokia Maps or Drive settings menu (by deselecting Maps improvement in the settings).