Nokia Maps 3.06 - How do I download map data directly to my device over Wi-Fi connection?

Maps v3.06 and later allow the downloading of map data directly to the device via Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection. No PC is needed in this case for transferring the map data.

Map data can be downloaded via Wi-Fi connection in the following way:

  1. Check that you have a Wi-Fi access point defined in the connectivity settings of your device (added e.g. in the Internet destination group) and that you are under the Wi-Fi coverage.
  2. Enter the Update or Map loader menu:
    • In Maps 3.06: Select Update in Maps main menu.
    • In Maps 3.08: Launch a separate Map loader application or select Maps > Settings (cogwheel icon) > Extras > Map loader.
    • In Maps 3.09: Launch Map loader or select Maps > Options > Map Loader.
  3. Select Add new maps.
  4. Select the continent and desired country.
  5. Select Download.

After the map data has been downloaded, the maps on your phone are shown on the Update or Map loader page. You can check with Check for updates command if there's any updates available for your map data.